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team Meloki Pet

Meloki Pet is inspired by a very special dog: Caramelo. Caramelo is an English cocker spaniel who has filled us with so much love and joy since he came into our lives!

The team is made up of Carolina, who is responsible for all the design and personalization of the pieces, and André, who is responsible for all the back-office work in terms of IT and technology. Not forgetting that everything is approved by our CEO, Caramelo, before being released to the world!

At home we often call them "Melokitas" and this is where the name of our Meloki Pet came from. Combined with our love of yellow and the frequent use of this color on our Pet Influencer page, Meloki Pet could only reflect this passion. What's more, Meloki Pet stands out because love for our pets and art always go hand in hand!

Accessories for our four-legged friends, in which each piece shows how unique your pet is. All customizations are made by hand and with all the affection especially thought of you!