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Harmony Collar

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Protect Your Hands or Wrists on Walks

Having a padded leash offers not only comfort, but also safety and control during walks with your dog. The soft cushion provides a soft grip in your hand, reducing any friction or discomfort, even when your dog pulls. In addition, the cushion absorbs part of the impact, making walks more enjoyable for both of you and preventing injuries.

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Peitoral transpiravel

Pectorals with Adequate Ventilation

We are committed to preventing problems on walks with your four-legged companion. One of our measures is to use breathable harnesses. Breathable harnesses allow for better air circulation around the dog's body. This is especially important in hot climates, as it helps prevent overheating and provides comfort for your dog.

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Porta sacos versáteis

Bag holder and cookie holder in one!

Dog bag holders stand out as a truly valuable acquisition, offering numerous advantages. In addition to their washable feature, which offers practicality and hygiene, our bag holders are often used as additional compartments, which can accommodate cookies or collection bags, making them a multifunctional and essential accessory for walks with your faithful four-legged companion.

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Fivela frontal

Does your dog pull a lot on walks? Then you need a Front Buckle on your harness

The front buckle harness is a real revolution for owners of active, energetic dogs. The strategic presence of the front buckle transforms walks, providing exceptional control over the most enthusiastic animals. By preventing the dog from pulling too hard, our harnesses guarantee a more pleasant and harmonious experience for both of you, making walks not only safe, but also truly enjoyable.

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